Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Public Service Announcement - Please Read!!!

When you take your child(ren) out with a stroller, please, please, PLEASE, keep your hand/attention on it at all times!  If you must take your hand/attention off it for a moment, PUT ON THE BRAKE.  If your stroller has a wrist strap, USE IT.

It may save your children from rolling into traffic,
or down a hill,
or into the Erie Canal,


resulting in tragedy for this family :

The father jumped in after the stroller, and was able to keep one child's head above the water.  That child is fine.  The other one (7-year-old Selah), however, is not likely to survive.

I pray for a miraculous recovery for the little girl.

My heart goes out to the parents.  I pray that their marriage survives the guilt and blame that are likely to emerge from this incident.  They will need help in this! 

My heart goes out to the siblings, who still need their parents to be fully present for them as well, even as they try to understand what happened to their sister and why.

I also pray that this incident doesn't get blown out of proportion to affect other prospective adopters from Ukraine and elsewhere.

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