Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Are you home-study ready?

Here are 2 children who should get a family quickly.  They each have a huge grant for their adoption, so the financial burden on prospective parents is minimized.  They are high-functioning and mostly healthy except for their Down syndrome.  And they are in Russia, which means that if the adoption ban is signed into law they would have to be adopted quickly, before the gates shut tight.

Here is Ivan:
Ivan is almost 6 years old.  He is probably still at the baby house, but not for long.  His profile photo is not smiley - is that why he keeps getting passed over?  He does look like a cuddle bug!  He needs to see a cardiologist for his heart condition, but so far it is not really holding him back.  He has some very motivated people fundraising for him, and his grant is over $18K.  In addition, his placement agency offers a $10K grant to help qualifying families with his adoption.  Since adoptions in his region cost around $30K, that means that if your home-study is already paid for, everything else is covered!  Somebody needs to move fast and bring Ivan home!

And this is Celine:
Again, an un-smiley picture.  But look at those cheeks!  Celine just turned 7, and will be transferred to an institution very soon.  Her current orphanage is very good, but she needs a family!  She is healthy, sociable and affectionate.  Her grant is almost at $30K, but she is located in the St. Petersburg region, where the costs are somewhat higher than in Ivan's region.  Still, if your home-study is done, there is not much more left to pay, so you can focus on the paperwork without worrying about fundraising.  This region is also more finicky about the adoptive families, so you need to make sure that you qualify.

Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?

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