Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hosting programs

I have talked on this blog about helping abandoned/orphaned children through adoption or in-country programs.  There is another kind of program, though.  There are organizations which facilitate American families hosting an older orphan for a summer or a shorter vacation, after which the child returns to his/her country of origin.   This allows families to visualize integrating a foreign child into their lives without a long-term commitment.  It also allows the child to visualize what life in a family might be like, thereby ameliorating the transition once an adoptive family steps forward.  The child also gets to learn some English, as well as American culture.  Finally, the family is well-positioned to advocate for the child and answer questions that a potential adoptive family might have about him/her, thereby dramatically improving the chances for placement.

I have not previously written about these programs, though, because the vast majority of them are Christian-affiliated.  They will only place children in practicing Christian families, and proselytization of the children is an integral part of their mission (no pun intended).

An exception has just come to my attention though.  Project 143 is a non-religiously-affiliated hosting organization.  Applications are being processed right now for Summer 2013 hosting opportunities, or you can donate money to help sponsor children's airfare to meet their host families.

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