Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A sad and happy day

I remember 9/11/01.

 I dropped my 7-year-old off at school, and took the toddler and the baby to the store. There was muzak playing in the supermarket, and I took a leisurely time doing my shopping (as leisurely as one can get with a toddler and a baby...) On my way home my cellphone rang. It was my parents (who live in NYC). I tried to pick up but the line was dead. I tried to call back but couldn't.

 I came home, and S____ said, "Get to a radio/tv right away." I did, but at that point they were covering the happenings at the Pentagon. It was all so confusing. I kept trying to reach my parents. I had no idea if they were OK. We did not know if there were any chemical or biological weapons involved (they live less than a mile from the WTC). After school, we had to deal with a confused 7-year-old as well. Eventually my parents were able to contact me and let me know that they were OK. All through the day we heard from friends who were ALMOST there, or who had other friends who were less lucky....


 I remember 9/11/08.

 I had been in pre-labor for several days, with my 4th child, the first child of my 2nd marriage. Finally, at 3am, we drove to the birth center and I was finally admitted. All through the night my husband helped me work through back labor. In the morning, the big kids came, with my mother and my best friend. Just before noon, he arrived, a healthy baby boy. He is looking forward to his strawberry/vanilla birthday cake. With an American flag on top.

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