Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seeing a need

Many adoption bloggers cite New Testament quotes to support their mission.  This one is no different. But the parts that I found most moving were those where she not only spoke from the heart, using her own words, but these words were universal in relevance:

In our large family, my kids hear me say all the time, "You see a need, you fill it. If you see something that needs doing, and you are able to, do it. If there is a pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go to the top, take the stuff with you when you go upstairs. If you are near the sink and a little person asks for a drink, fill his sippy cup. If you find an empty box in the pantry, throw it away." It's not a difficult concept, right? You see a need, you fill it. 
There is a child that has no one. I am someone. He can have me.
and finally,
If you have ever considered adoption, I want you to know, to really understand, that your child is worth it, too. Your child, the one that has not yet stolen your heart simply because you have not yet laid eyes on him or her, waits for you, perhaps in a country in which you have never landed. He's worth it, you know. She's worth it. Take a leap.

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