Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The year is....

...1941.  Your neighbor's cousin in New York just met a refugee from Europe.

He is telling you a garbled story.

Some parts seem too horrific to believe.


What do you do?  Do you believe the story?  Do you tell others?  Do you act?

With no internet, few pictures or first hand accounts are available.  And yet today we blame our ancestors for not taking greater action against this great evil that was being perpetrated.


 The year is 2012.

The story is told, over and over.

Some of the images are disturbing.

...but we HAVE the images, the stories, the videos.  We KNOW.  Also, much of this is not the intentional evil that was the Holocaust.  Some of it is the remnant of Nazi philosophy, to be sure.  The idea of discarding "imperfect" humans as unworthy certainly has its roots in the era of Nazi domination.  But mostly, this is due to ignorance.  In several countries, progress is being made towards more humane treatment of children with disabilities. 

When people in positions of power have the knowledge of what is possible, they can take positive action.

So can we.

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