Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Monday, October 29, 2012

31 for 21: The Ugly Duckling, another twist

The great thing about classics is that people can relate to them from many different circumstances.  They truly are universal.  Just a few days after I connected The Ugly Duckling to Down syndrome, my friend Hevel Cohen pointed to this post, where a Christian gay man quoted the entire original story by Hans Christian Andersen (who apparently was also gay), to show how it is actually about a homosexual individual seeking love and acceptance.

It is interesting, that so many people who use their religion to reach out to orphans, and to children with disabilities, are unable to see homosexuality in the same way.  Isn't a "sexual difference" just as much a "special need" worth respecting?


  1. I did think it was strange that I read these two posts close together. I think, in a way, we are all ugly ducklings in one way or another in this world.

    I also wanted to link you a YouTube video. http://youtu.be/Yxp-nKIG5qc I think it fits in with some of your posts and the tone of your blog.

    1. Indeed! Even more, we all want to believe that the ways in which we are perceived as "ugly ducklings" will turn out to be what makes us beautiful swans.

      Thanks for the link!

  2. i hope you are voting for reeces rainbow to win 50,000 - contest ends on 10/31/2012 i know were in a hurricane but if you have power you can vote once per day each -- www.cultivatewines.com/causes/49260

    god bless - we met at the buddy walk in wakefield at the reeces rainbow table! kathy :)

  3. Thanks for posting this! As a queer person, I certainly don't see myself as an ugly duckling, but the narrative might resonate with LGBT people from less accepting backgrounds than my own. There's considerable overlap between disability activism and the queer community -- no doubt because issues of bodily integrity, identity, and respect are so potent for all of us.

    It is frustrating to me as an orphan advocate that what feels like the overwhelming majority of the orphan advocacy community are intensely socially conservative, religious homophobes -- especially considering that we are natural allies! LGBT couples have a long history of adoption, particularly older child/special needs adoption. Heck, even looking at the population demographics for gay individuals makes us perfect parents for special needs kids: we tend to be higher income and live in urban areas! We're no strangers to fighting for our rights, so you know we would be absolute tigers in fighting for our kids. So where is the outreach to queer families? Why aren't orphan advocates promoting at the very least domestic adoption of SN kids by gay couples? Instead it feels like the same people who speak so passionately on behalf of children without families abroad are doing everything they can to attack and destroy families right here in America.

  4. Well, I wonder if that would be another avenue for my initiative to pursue. The liberal Jewish community is both focused on Tikkun Olam in a way that can lend itself to SN adoption, and open to LGBT. I hope to reach the more Orthodox segments as well, but I don't know how far I'll be able to get with that.


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