Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 for 21: Who will save Sasha?

Whoa!  Somebody is looking out for Sasha:

Sasha was recently transferred to a remote, underfunded mental institution for older children and adults.  He is getting no care or attention there.  He is probably grossly underfed and only getting one diaper change a day.  

But somehow, his grant at Reece's Rainbow has grown to nearly $10,000 lately.  Will that encourage someone to look past Sasha's scary needs and go to that mental institution and rescue him?

His profile speculates on whether he has Cerebral Palsy and/or Autism in addition to Down syndrome.  We do not know if his behavior and severely delayed development is caused by these or other possibilities, or just due to institutionalization.   We do know that he is TINY!  Look at him in the caregiver's hands, like a little baby.  He does seem to be holding his head well in the second picture, while in the earlier one he is still flopped over.  Am I totally crazy to think that he has the potential to grow and develop?  Is there anyone out there "crazy" enough to help him do so?


  1. I truly believe that every child in Sasha's situation has the potential to grow and develop, whatever that might mean for them individually. Even if Sasha never achieves Katie's level of functioning (seriously, that kid is a miracle), even if he never walks or talks or goes to the prom, his life is still precious and worthwhile.

  2. Absolutely! Sasha is one of the kids I noticed very early on. His eyes are so piercing! I look at him and imagine him well-fed, losing those bony features, and smiling! I think he would so blossom!!!

  3. He's beautiful. I fell for Violetta (a child I believe is at the same institute as Sasha, and who is due for transfer soon) and discovered today I have no hope - apparently UK laws do not allow the international adoption of special needs children. I pray someone will find these children and take them home and prosper them.

    1. Have you checked out The Poppies' Blog?


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