Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I know Pesach (Passover) is over, but.....

If I can help people with disabilities reach their potential and celebrate success - Dayenu!

If I can help people around me to see people with disabilities without prejudice - Dayenu!

If I can help expectant mothers to see an unborn child with disabilities as unlimited potential, just like any other child, and not give up on it as a statistic - Dayenu!

If I can help people around me learn about places in the world which are still stuck in the past, and where people with disabilities fare so much worse than here - Dayenu!

If I can motivate people to take action to improve conditions for people with disabilities, both here and abroad - Dayenu!

If I can create space within my community to help families who need extra support, either due to a child with disabilities, or a medical emergency, or job loss, or divorce, or adoption/new baby struggles, so families don't have to struggle in isolation - Dayenu!

If, in the context of such a space, I can help create structures which make adoption - even adoption of a child with special needs - more accessible and less scary - Dayenu!

If I can further encourage people in my community to see such an adoption as a potential benefit to their families, not just a sacrifice and a risk - Dayenu!

If my community can become a place where these acts are seen as normal, so that they spread to more communities, and create ripples of acceptance and opportunities - Dayenu!

If we can create an ever-expanding community where individuals are judged not by the color of their skin, or by any other aspect of their physical being, but by the content of their character - Dayenu!

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