Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last but not least, Renee's Challenge brings us sweet, adorable Abner:

Boy, born December 2009
Diagnosis:  after-effects of general disease of the central nervous system (neuroinfection); spastic tetraparesis with strong motor disorders; general mental delays, including speech underdevelopment; undescended testicles; shortcut frenulum of tongue; convergent squint

Like Hayley, Abner has CP caused by neuroinfection.  Like her, he is only 2 years old, with an excellent chance of making awesome progress with early intervention.  He looks like he has great spunk and enthusiasm.  I see him at age 17 playing the drums with his school band.   This year he joined forces with his best friend on guitar, and they have been playing at events all around town, and even recorded a few original songs on YouTube.  He is a popular boy, but is still self conscious because of some leftover speech impediment and a slight limp.  He timidly asks the girl he has been worshipping from afar since freshman year to the prom with him.  She says yes!

How could this beautiful, graceful creature have said yes?  Abner can't believe his luck.

How could this handsome, talented boy have asked her?  Hayley can't believe her luck, either!

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