Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Robert and Dennis

For this entry to Renee's Challenge, I think that these 2 boys with designer genes should be adopted together.


and Dennis

Since they are in the same orphanage, it would be easy to adopt them together with minimal additional expense and no extra travel.  They both have birthdays in December 2009, so they would be virtual twins. They could see the cardiologist together to evaluate their PFO's.   Keeping a connection to each other would help ease their transition to their new life.

I see them in a family that defies stereotypes.  There are 2 children already: a boy and a girl.

Robert is so vivacious, I see him defying the stereotype that children with Down syndrome are physically weak.  I see him eagerly exploring his new home, stretching his muscles and growing rapidly.  Learning to kick and throw a ball and climb trees.... with his tomboy sister!

Dennis, on the other hand, seems more quiet and cuddly.  He seems a thoughtful little boy, who wants to look around and figure things out.  I see him defying the stereotype that children with Down syndrome are unintelligent. I see him snuggling with his quiet, affectionate brother and looking at picture books.  I see his brother pointing out pictures and words, and Dennis absorbing it all, quietly basking in the attention.  Over time, people start noticing that Dennis actually learned to read -- before entering kindergarten!

Most of all, I see their parents defying the stereotype that "you can't adopt Down's kids" or "you can't adopt more than 1 kid at a time".  And certainly "you can't adopt 2 Down's kids at the same time!".   Instead, they will be proud advocates for their children with Down syndrome, just as they advocate for their daughter when she wants to try out for the football team, or their son's ballet practice and poetic talent.  Each child has his or her own potential, and should be free to reach for the sky, no matter what society says!

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