Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This is my first response to Renee's challenge.  For the next 2 weeks, she will post the profile of one child with special needs, and challenge her readers to imagine a future to each one.   I hope to make a few contributions here.


Here is Reid:  (See other contributions to the challenge here.)

Look at that adorable smile! I can see him coming home to a loving Jewish family with a big brother and a brand new baby sister. I can see him getting treated for his hypospadia at the same time that he is circumcised and welcomed into the covenant and named Joshua.  I see him getting a proper regimen of nutrition and medication to address his epilepsy.  I see him going to school and gradually transitioning from a wheelchair, to a walker, until he can walk with crutches and braces as he approaches his Bar Mitzvah in the summer of 2019.  He is studying his portion, which comes at the beginning of Deuteronomy, where Moses discovers that Joshua, not he, will enter the Promised Land.   He is deeply moved by this, as he realizes why he was given this name.  He asks his parents penetrating questions about the children who were left behind, who are now but a faint memory for him, and dedicates his Bar Mitzvah to the rescue of another orphan, bringing his story full circle..

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