Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maggie's first day of school

Continuing with Renee's challenge, here is my vision of Maggie's future.  Here are a few others.

I think blue looks really good on her.

It is September of 2015.  Maggie is wearing a pretty blue dress -- her favorite! -- which matches perfectly her Jazzy, bright blue glasses.  Her walker is likewise personalized with blue duct tape, and covered with stickers of the Little Mermaid.  Her paparazzi loving Mommy and Daddy  are taking pictures of her in front of her school with a tear-streaked camera.

"C'mon, already!  I don't want to be late for my first day of school!"

They come inside and meet her teacher.  Mrs. K. is wearing a gorgeous blue blouse with a frilly collar, so Maggie flashes her bright smile at her and says "I LOOOVE your shirt!  Is blue your favorite color too? My brother's favorite color is red, and my sister's favorite color is yellow, and...."   Mrs. K. is smitten with this bold child who is talking a mile a minute. By the time the class is called to circle time, it seems Mrs. K. knows everything about Maggie.  Or so she thinks!  Oh boy is she in for a fun year.


By Friday, Maggie has 2 new friends in her class.  As she zips across the classroom (just barely leaning on her walker) to greet Mommy at the end of the day, she says "Mommy, Mommy, can Esther and Rachel come over for Shabbat tonight?"  The parents make all the arrangements, and the 3 stooges little girls pile into the back of the minivan, together with 1st grader Jessica and 3rd grader Sammy.  At home, the girls sit at the kitchen counter cutting salad while Jessica is setting the table and Sammy is picking up toys in the living room.  Tantalizing aromas of soup, roast meat and fresh-baked challah bread fill the house.

As evening falls, the whole family congregates about the table.  The girls bless the candles together, and  then Daddy blesses the wine (the children drink grape juice instead).  Finally they all bless the bread together and the meal begins.  After dinner, they sing songs until bedtime. Maggie, Esther and Rachel share a new song they learned at school.  The peaceful Shabbat has come again.

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