Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Special needs adoption from a Jewish perspective.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How I pray

Since, as I observed, most of this adoption community is Christian, I thought perhaps some of you might be curious about how Jews pray.  Like, Jesus was Jewish and all.  So he probably prayed pretty similarly to how Jews today pray.  For example, we know that the Passover Hagadah has changed very little from when Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Last Supper.  When Jesus was a little boy, he sang Mah Nishtanah almost the same way my son did last month.

Anyway, my morning prayer routine begins with "Modeh Ani" ("I am grateful"):
"Moda ani lefanekha, melekh khai vekayam, shehekhezarta nishmati bekhemla - raba emunatekha!"
I am grateful before You, the living and everpresent King, that You have restored my soul with mercy - great is Your faith!
"Wow, G*d, You are so great and awesome, but You have faith in little mortal me, THANK YOU!!!!!"

I have choreographed some stretching to this, from which I go right into some bouncy aerobic moves for the next section, the Morning Blessings:

Blessed are You G*d, King of the Universe, Who gave the rooster discernment between day and night. Amen!
     (Even animals are given powers of discernment, we must likewise discern good vs. evil.  Also, WAKE UP!!!)

...Who made me free. Amen!
    (I have free will. What am I using it for?)

...Who made me Israel. Amen!
   (I was born into this Covenant.  What is my side of the deal?  Also, "Israel" means "struggles with G*d" -- where is my struggle taking me today?)

...Who made me in His image. Amen!
   (All the attributes I ascribe to G*d are present within me, I have the potential to be godly.)

...Who gives sight to the blind. Amen!
   (As my eyes have been opened, may I be instrumental in opening the eyes of others.)

...Who clothes the naked. Amen!
   (As my basic needs are met, let me nurture others.)

...Who releases captives from their bondage. Amen!
   (Well, duh!)

...Who straightens those who are bent over.  Amen!
   (Not merely liberty, but dignity as well)

...Who establishes the land upon the waters. Amen!
   (The natural world provides a stable foundation for everything, no matter how unsure of myself I am.)

...Who has provided for me all my physical needs. Amen!
   (I am healthy and capable, so no whining!)

...Who prepares the steps of Man. Amen!
   (G*d knows what I must do, He is with me as I follow His path)

...Who girds Israel with strength. Amen!
   (G*d will give me the strength I need)

...Who crowns Israel with glory. Amen!
   (G*d will give me the ego stroking I need as well....)

...Who gives strength to the weary.  Amen!
   (Even though I am tired and underslept, G*d will still give me the strength I need)

....More to come!

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  1. AMEN! I prayed "the 18" a couple years ago during the Christian season of Lent and appreciate your personalization. Thanks!


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